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been diggin’ my new desktop...

Spent some hours today finishing it up and like where it ended up. What fun!

a screenshot of my new desktop with a grid background, a silhouette of a bull, and a cutout for black and white icons. the dock also has has black and white icons. yay.

(Updated 11/19/23)

(Updated 11/16/23)

Schnoozy kitty, meet the zonked Mr. Mojo

A photo by Jeremy Keith sure reminded me of my old buddy Mr. Mojo. I’m thinkin’ they coulda been twins. Anyway, enjoy the kitty pics - Jeremy’s picture is the first followed by a shot of my long gone friend...

I'm from Ukraine (and yes, I still live here).

Life goes on... 😎

love waitin’ for ya, take one

a little GarageBand creation (rough draft)

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