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Lonita’s Creative Idea of the Day

#Creative Idea of the Day

Write a short story exactly as many words long as how old you are in years.

In his late teens, he would sometimes travel from school in Gainesville to home in Miami Beach for the weekend. His BMW had a faring and windshield and was great for the 6-hour trip. He loved that bike!

Sleep-deprived, he headed out one Friday night and ended up falling asleep ‘at the wheel.’

When he came to, he was coasting through a row of trees and regained control.

Life is good.

trying to hide...

in a downhill slide
trying to hide
the pain I feel
my pain is real

at the music show
I came to know
the things I need
ain’t unique to me

craving connection
a world of beings
holding on tight for their sanity

So I’ve been sorting out why sending webmentions was failing and may have fixed the problem. I guess we’ll see.

Hi again John.

whataya mean - pulled a Jack?

I recently shared a ‘plain text note-taking assistant’ at the hub and decided to give Jack a heads-up before publishing the post - if for no other reason, it was a chance to razz him a bit (yet again):

The thing about Jack is he tinkers with software and talks about it a lot. His sarcastic sense of humor sits well with me. I tinker with software too (a lot). I can relate - in fact, sometimes I wonder if he’s a mini-me...

and more recently:

I do the same damn things all the time, though with some different softwares. But that doesn’t stop me from saying I just pulled a Jack. After all, it sounds better than ‘pulled a Joe’ - and it’s more fun!

By the way Jack, I like Obsidian CLI much better than the ‘assistant’ I shared that day...

gratefully inspired

I learned something from my old web pal Anne (a curator of imagination). It’s not the camera that makes the photographer. She was right.

For me, the magic of photography is one’s ability to capture what they see in the now. That was my first thought when I saw Winnie’s pink this morning. Then I found John’s Greenside photos. He’s got an eye too.

Okay, so I’m supposed to be makin’ the donuts now. But some people visited this morning, like Winnie and John, have left me inspired. There were two more I planned to visit and wouldn’t you know, they left me even more inspired!

I need more mornings like this one, thank you very much.

Brad said:

I see so many neat personal websites, I need to remind myself to take some time out and sign more guestbooks in appreciation and support.

And then I found Lonita’s long list of random creative things to do with your time.

I’m good.

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