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gratefully inspired

I learned something from my old web pal Anne (a curator of imagination). It’s not the camera that makes the photographer. She was right.

For me, the magic of photography is one’s ability to capture what they see in the now. That was my first thought when I saw Winnie’s pink this morning. Then I found John’s Greenside photos. He’s got an eye too.

Okay, so I’m supposed to be makin’ the donuts now. But some people visited this morning, like Winnie and John, have left me inspired. There were two more I planned to visit and wouldn’t you know, they left me even more inspired!

I need more mornings like this one, thank you very much.

Brad said:

I see so many neat personal websites, I need to remind myself to take some time out and sign more guestbooks in appreciation and support.

And then I found Lonita’s long list of random creative things to do with your time.

I’m good.

a tester (of sorts)

When someone says “Send me a (Web)mention,” I like to oblige. I guess it’s my inner urge to test and help others test that’s driving this puppy. So, hi John.

inspiredly written in the hope of helping them through

the seed:

everything fades
with time
lose your soul
you’ll lose your mind

It’s early March. A sister and daughter head out to be with her. Things were touch and go and the prognosis was bleak. Times come when one reaches the stage of having lost what a life even feels like. Sometimes the worst that can happen is a blessed load off. Sad. But the hope of becoming at peace with it has to be enough for now.

More words followed:

time to remember
things you shared over the years
hold on to the joy

It’s May now. I watch them carry the pain quietly in their hearts. Grateful to know life goes on...

joe’s desktop design therapy - the final product *

Yeah. I did it again! I’m feeling real good about the 3rd version of my desktop background and I’m ditching the project (for now anyway). Clean. Minimal. Usable. Yay! Here’s all three versions if yer interested (the 2nd and 3rd versions are viewable at full resolution on desktop):

* I guess we’ll see how that goes... 😎

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