@johnjohnston Thanks for IndieWeb readers - naturally, I had to go do some exploring… 😄

8 thoughts on “IndieWeb readers

  1. @johnjohnston I think we know this … the comment is really around knowledge and technical capabilities .. on which spectrum I am at a very low level … though in the world at large probably at a higher level.
    Example: ‘web mentions’ .. that I have tried by myself to get going on one of my sites, and failed.
    @joejenett has just successfully enabled them on @justgoodmusic … I bow … but he too had some wrangling.
    I look forward to the day that someone in the Indie Web community takes the bull by the horns and makes it easy to make the switch out of the silos and into your own world.
    Until then, we are all in playgrounds … Swift anyone ? … whatever our technical (cap)abilities.