@kicks I’ve been exploring ⦗h0p3’s Wiki⦘ - amazing.

One thought on “⦗h0p3's Wiki⦘

  1. Kicks Condor:
    Cool! I’d be interested to hear more of your reaction. At first, I thought it
    was kind of a novelty—like a quirky little website, no big deal.

    But I’m starting to think it’s a big deal! He solves a lot of his technical
    issues by simply coming up with human conventions to solve them. Rather than waiting for his wiki to become compatible with Reddit, he just copies and pastes his conversations from there. Rather than trying to setup a group or a forum tocommunicate between his readers—he just copies and pastes their e-mails, voila—they are suddenly reading each other!

    Most importantly, he doesn’t rely on an algorithm to sift through his communication. He just reads—in true human form—and writes back in detail. And readers are expected to do the same. There are no ‘popular’ posts that people are reading or ‘hot’ posts that are stimulating conversation—you just have to dig around.

    I also think he’s successfully merged microblogging, linkposting, ephemeral notetaking with the creation of a larger body of work—which all stems from his central lexicon that he’s working to define. It’s very inspiring to read h0p3 and then to think, “Hmm, if I put this kind of work into my own thoughts—how would it look?”