Just this morning, a nudge from a pinboard friend reminds me of a familiar project, Status Cafe. I just gots to explore it again!

(bad links removed in paragraph below)
Damn, this seems awfully familiar to me. Oh yeah. I shared his garden at the wiki - in fact, I had to create a delightful.finds category for it. It was fun then and it’s fun again now! Then I check out another user:

gotta remind myself, every day, that i dont HAVE to fully render my art. i can just doodle. i can just sketch. dont touch that paintbrush

Yes, I need to see more. So I check out his site - bang! Got me a new pointer, thank you.

and the point is

The fun I had this morning is exactly what I’m hoping my sites’ visitors will experience when they explore the links I share. A little attention goes a long way - take some time to explore… and enjoy!