As if what we’ve already seen isn’t enough, it’s apparent the aftereffects of Trump continue to plague the country. We now have an overabundance of conmen in power, though in the minority, who keep the big lies alive having barely enough power to stop the country from moving forward. I hate to say it. It’s been like this a long time. Making people want to fight is their modus operandi - they’d love to rule the world!

we need something else

Until people in the cult return to thoughtful realization of their true selves, you know, like when they were actually caring Americans, we could be in trouble. Oh fuck! Face it, we are in trouble. We need something else. We need to force the issue and help them snap out of their current delusions. They’re ruining the country.

“enough joe!”

You’re right. Who wants to hear this stuff anyway! The rest is up to you. Thanks for listening.