Driven. Life is driven by experience; struggles; joy; ideas around us. The wealth of ideas on the web is its true power in my mind.

I’m thankful for that.

Counting one’s blessings is one thing, but realizing lessons learned and understanding what drives me is more what I’m after here.

so relatable

I've been inspired by a certain writer recently. In my mind, what’s special about Winnie is an uncanny ability to not only articulate her thoughts clearly and honestly, but an ability to connect given situations to her whole life experience. What amazes me, aside from the similarity of our struggles and lessons learned, is she’s brought clarity to some big things so much sooner in her own life than I did in mine. In the end, we’re kinda on the same page and she reminds me to not let go of (or take for granted) things I’ve learned in my own life. We’re decades apart in age, but not in spirit... long as I am still alive I’ll be trying to leave some imprints.

At age 60, I could’ve died. A major health event led me to the realization that I’d better make the most of the time I’m still alive. When I was 67, when David Bowie died, I came to realize again that every moment of life is a chance to do what it is you have to do... before it’s too late.

Bowie created his greatest work despite knowing he would soon be meeting his demise. He was inspired as I am now. Doors are opening in my mind.

Maybe it’s time to enter some of those rooms - I might find myself inside.