the glimpstory idea, revisited

The original idea in 2011 was to invite others to share glimpses of their lives in exactly 140 characters (including the ‘‘glimpstory’’ hashtag) on twitter and to aggregate those stories at the glimpstory domain. I was posting my own little stories and hoped others would get the idea but I never promoted it (I like to create but I’m not wild about self-promotion). It never caught on but I still like the idea.

that guy I worked for

In another life, I was an administrative assistant to a partner of a large accounting firm. He invited me to lunch one day at his club (i.e., he was a member). There’s a long story I could tell about it but I won’t. I like the glimpstory better:

He cringed as I picked up the pastry with my hands. What people think is no more relevant than the images we hide in our hearts. ‘glimpstory’