As the old Ford heads down a deserted highway towards another nameless town with a gas station and a greasy spoon, he wonders if he will ever forget where he came from.

She would surely miss him, he thinks, fighting the drowsiness now, trying to stay awake long enough to realize his escape safely. He would miss her too, but this journey is a priority now. How could he possibly change what he found happening to him? It’s hard to lose everything, time after time, and not get a little crazy from it all. No map, no plan, no sense! Running for the sake of running is an empty endeavor. When nothing feels right, and every day is a labor to find a positive attitude about anything, all one can do is run. Why not? Running becomes a form of seeking - but not something you’ve envisioned. It’s more like seeking to get away from something you’ve been through, not realizing that you’re running towards something you could never even conceive of - something you will find to be empty and something you will go through and end up running from.