it’s newguy in black and white - oh my!Since I revamped my desktop last year, I’ve revised it more than a few times. Playing with graphics is kinda like music to me. It’s a creative outlet that takes my mind to a different place - a perfect distraction!

Well. A few weeks back, I simplified my desktop and love it. I spend hours daily looking at my screens and this minimal b&w look on the main screen suits me well:

a screenshot of my new minimal black and white desktop, which includes a grid background and black and white icons

The icons for Apple’s built-in apps are tucked away in an easy-to-activate palette as changing those icons appears to be disallowed by the operating system. Though activating the palette brings a temporary burst of color to the desktop which looks nice against the b&w, I find myself quickly closing it to maintain the minimal feel (which makes me happy).

Cheers and thanks for visiting!