I planted a seed recently about a recent game changer in my life - making the difficult decision to retire the dailywebthing. After doing the daily thing on the web for over 20 years, it was time for a change.

As I said over at the hub back then, “I’m getting a little too old to keep up with the ‘daily’ part of its name.” I wanted to continue doing what I truly love to do on the web without that daily pressure to make the donuts. I like to think my donuts are tasty enough to enjoy even if they weren't available every day.

So I created the dailywebthing archives and have been posting new links at the i.webthings hub every 2-3 days. The old feeds from the linkport and pointers redirect to the i.webthings feed.

The upside of this major change is I’m a happier camper now. I’m sharing almost as many links per week as I was before while having more time for other ongoing creative projects. Most important, I now enjoy a better balance between the webthings and non-web things in my life.


I’ve made a number of changes to my web presence over the years, many very recently, and the last thing I want to do is to be a royal pain to those who most enjoy what I’m doing out here, those who have so generously paid attention to my efforts.

RSS is a big part of what I do and I understand firsthand what it means put up with things like feed changes. Yes, it can be a pain. That’s one of the downsides of change. Hopefully, the upside makes the change worth it.

Finally, I must respond to something Poorchop said recently:

I would wager that most of the very few people who know about this website only found out about it after receiving a mention from me.

I know the feeling buddy and I’m glad to know ya!