Back in 2010, around Thanksgiving, I could’ve lost my life. I had a brain hemorrhage, the result of a ruptured aneurysm, and my wife Kim managed to get me the hospital in time to be saved by an amazing procedure performed by an extraordinary doctor. I was in Intensive Care for about 12 days. Kim was at my side virtually the whole time and my niece Nicole was there a good part of the time as well. With their love and support, I managed to survive what seemed to be the very worst that could happen. I’m a lucky man.

During that time in the ICU, Kim told me several times how Mojo seemed despondent about my absence. He moped around the house as if something had been taken from him. That made me sad and I couldn’t wait to get home to my main man. After returning home, the little guy stayed at my side around-the-clock while I was recuperating. His constant presence made a difference and I felt a new appreciation for just how loyal a friend he is.

Now, unfortunately, the tables have turned. Mojo has fluid in his lungs, possibly the result of heart disease, which I understand is a common ailment for cats which are all or part Maine Coon. He’s on several medications and I’m trying to comfort him in any way I can and to make sure he keeps eating. He’s been on the medications for less than a week and we were warned that we probably wouldn’t see a change until after 1 to 2 weeks. Trying to keep my sunny side up but have to admit it’s not easy – I love Mojo.

Please wish my little guy luck. I’m afraid he’s going to need it...

Update (8/15): Some definite improvement, – hopefully, that will continue…;~))

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