So. Google Reader likes to make recommendations. Here’s some of their latest suggested titles…

“Cop Quits After Leaving Beat for Midget Porn Star”

“Live Like There is No Tomorrow in the Star Trek Red Mini Dress”

“Officer Bubbles - Touched By Love”

“A Woman with Two Uteruses Is Pregnant in Both of Them”

“Flying donkey shocks beachgoers in Russia’s south”

“Pigeon Shit Cuts Kings of Leon Show”

“I Ran On One Little Wall And My Mom Got Scared”

“Couple Survive After Being Hit by 40-Ton Flying Whale”

“Real Bear Rescues Stuffed Bear From Humans”

“Snoop Dogg Meets a Sea Lion”

“Meet Subtle Butt, the Fart-Neutralizing Underwear Insert”

“The World’s Strongest, Most Expensive Beer Served Inside a Squirrel”

“iPhone Users Have More Sex than BlackBerry Users?”

Gee. Thanks a lot guys… ;~))

Yeah, so I like smilies – sue me!

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