Excuse me, but I’ve just earned some major gloating rights and if I don’t let it out soon, my head just might explode. I did send Kim a text message about completing the project a few hours ago, but she was just getting up in Ningbo, Japan. Damn I miss her!

She returned a “YAY” by text but I decided not to call her yet – dealing with a 14 hour time difference is hard enough on my rockstar and I’ll have a chance to talk to her soon, though maybe not soon enough to ward off that nasty exploding head trick. I guess that means you’re stuck with it my friend. Let the gloat begin.

I’m considering buying something that will make it considerably easier to deal with fallen (and in some cases, cut down) trees around the property. Carrying cut-up logs around isn’t exactly easy on this old back and there’s a lot of ’em. That same something will also come in handy for dealing with snow. But I need somewhere to keep the darn thing before I go out and buy it. What to do?

So, six days ago, I picked up one of those storage sheds in a box. You know, a huge, flat box full of metal parts and hundreds of screws and bolts, not to mention a thick instruction booklet written by someone with a wicked sense of humor and the language skills of a brick. “It’ll be easy,” I thought to myself as I laid down my money and told them I’ll need some help getting it into my truck.

Before building the shed, I needed to create a level foundation to build it on and take care of making a wood floor for it. I started five days ago and am pleased to say I finished it this afternoon. I’ve got a brand new 8’x10′ building, roof included. Though the instructions called for two people, I decided to give it a shot by myself. There’s nothing like the thrill of taking on a challenge that I’m not exactly cut out for and pulling it off. Like my buddy James Brown used to say, “I feel good!”

Oh yeah - thanks for listening…;~))

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