There was a time when we regularly gathered to jam in the plaza. We were high on what our communication offered. We weren’t concerned with becoming “mainstream” or selling our personal expressions; we only wanted to share them, enjoy them, interact, and live. It was in our blood and it was magic and like anything special, we hoped it would never end. For some of us, it never did end though finding like minds has become next to impossible now and we’re left feeling the magic mostly alone. Things have changed. Things always change. Keeping the magic alive is a lonely, frustrating endeavor sometimes. But the magic remains in my heart and makes me whole. In the end, I’m thankful to say I have what I need.

One wouldn’t think a company holiday party could provide a means to experience that magic again. As I centered in on the big guy playing the guitar, I thought to myself that he could probably help me pull it off. I felt oddly connected to him but surely didn’t want to horn in on his gig. He and his proteges were entertaining a diverse crowd that night and they seemed to like his stuff. When he was in between songs though, I was near the stage and told him I really liked what they were doing. I also told him how much I would love doing Stormy Monday with him. To my surprise, he said, “Come on dude!” He told me he didn’t know the song and I assured him it would be easy. “It’s a simple 1,4,5 in A. Slow and easy, just follow me.”

And so he and his group and I proceeded to do the tune and it really hit the spot. Seeing that big room get quiet as we did it was just what I needed that night. The big guy said “Thank you.” And so did I as we briefly hugged and I gave him his stage back. Here’s to connecting and keeping the magic alive!