I didn’t want to steal that other famous movie title though it certainly could apply. I’ve been thoughts gone wild lately and it’ll help to put some of ‘em down. Please feel free to try this at home with your own interpretations of good, bad, and ugly.

the nice

A simple double shot of espresso. Acts of kindness. People, diverse people. Health and happiness. A homemade Italian sub. Love. Honesty. These are easy choices for me, anyway. These things are good without question in my mind.

the crappy

Spammers, scammers, bad hackers, and thieves. Tracking and targeted advertising. Surveillance and other invasions of privacy. Bullies. Liars. Thugs. Racists. In my mind, these things, even in moderation, can be downright crappy, thank you.

the ridiculous

So I have this idea that we’re all a little crappy in some ways and nice in other ways. We’re humans after all and when we interact, it matters if our crappy takes over in excess.

For example, if a very-public-someone in a position of leadership lies all the time and treats other people like shit too often, many other humans are gonna notice. Add a little thug-like behavior to the mix and I’m not the only one who might call it ridiculous. It’s really not okay watching our government turning to shit on a daily basis. If it all seems normal to you, please put on your thinking cap and nice pants and wear ‘em to the polling place next cycle.