You’ll either understand this or you won’t but chances are two in three you will. In strange times we find solace where we can. Like when we hear from someone in that other third they think it was a mistake. “He’s an embarrassment.”

The unavoidable group anxiety arising from the current political environment can lead each of us to enhanced personal awareness. A little anxiety is nothing compared to the opportunity to even more clearly understand what we truly believe and act on it.

Lies come easy when one has no core values. You can’t serve yourself only and expect it to end well unless, of course, you’re delusional.

But we have values, actual centers that know the difference between hate and being against hate. We know the difference between lies and truth. We walk on the ground with others instead of living in a tower. We know bullshit when we see it.

So next time you see a presidential imposter claiming a score of 10 on his latest endeavor, consider the source and realize that the 10 you give him is for something entirely different and appreciate that you at least know the difference!

(prior discussion)