My buddy John is now back to school as a teacher in Scotland. His summer redux includes a wonderful video collage of summer photos - done quite well to music by Kevin MacLeod. Nice.

Then I discovered something on the sidebar (gawd, I love when that happens) - John’s got another blog “where stranger things happen" - who knew?

I found something really special there...
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 UK: Scotland License

Like I said, you gotta love this guy!

John Johnstone replied:

Thanks for the love Joe,
Just when I think I’ll get rid of the sidebar. They do seem to have gone out of fashion. I guess I’ll keep mine till they come back in😉

Ds106, was/is a wonderful course on ‘digital storytelling’ that has run in several universities but allows anyone to join in. A source of a lot of fun and a lot of learning about owning your own space.

The video is in the style of the now disappeared online service pummelvision. After it went I wrote a script to replicate it.