So, my friends – I saw the doctor today and learned a few things. I’m in the 30% of patients who underwent what I did with a positive outcome. I’m strong like bull and almost out of the woods. One more exploratory angiogram will hopefully confirm that the procedure was fully successful (with a chance that further treatment may be necessary). All medication is now discontinued and I can return to many of my regular activities. Bottom line: I’m a lucky guy.

To wrap this healthcare thing up, I just need to thank some people for reaching out to me with their kind regards, well wishes, and prayers.

Thanks to my wife Kim for being at my side day in and day out throughout my hospitalization and to her many colleagues at work who made it possible for her to do so. They also had several care packages of comfort food sent to our home for her and I to enjoy those first few days after I was discharged. Feel the love!

And big thanks to my good friends Anne and Mark, Tom and Tammy, Marie, Kitty, and Alfred and to my super neighbors, Alena (who also visited me in the ICU), Mario, Eva, Phillip, and Sylvie, and to my nieces Nicole (who was at my side for about a week), Tricia, and Melinda (and her husband Mike). Then, there’s Kim’s sisters Becky (and her husband Jesse), June (and Peter), and Terry, and my great-nephew Jeremy and great-niece Lauren and Meghan (and her husband Michael).

Each and every one of you have made positive differences in my life. Thank you all!

Ready and glad to move forward now in my second chance at life… ;~))