Howdy y’all,

It’s been quiet ’round here lately as I’ve been resting and recuperating. I’ve been feeling stronger every day and will shortly be leaving for my first follow-up medical appointment. Three different doctors related to my hospitalization will be seeing me in the near future, as well as a new primary care provider I’ve just chosen to help me more seriously manage my unique healthcare needs, which I have to admit I’d been avoiding recently.

Today, it’s the attending physician, a neurosurgeon with big credentials who was overseeing my situation in the ICU on a daily basis. His students followed him on his daily visit and he is quite a character. A few days before I was discharged he came in and looked me in the eye smiling. “Heaven can wait!” He looked genuinely happy as he told me I was out of danger now and would be able to go home soon. I shook his hand really hard and thanked him. Today, I expect him to ask me how I’m feeling and I’m ready to tell him, “strong enough to kick your ass for calling me a wimp!” I’ve grown to admire him over the course of my time in the ICU and look forward to talking to him today.

Next week, I have appointments with my new primary provider and with the neurosurgeon who performed what I consider to be a miraculous procedure that saved my life a few weeks ago – I can’t wait to thank him for doing what he does so well and for being there that day for me.

In January, I’ll be following up with a consulting physician who also saw me daily in the hospital. He’s a neurologist who I asked to see soon to answer general questions I’m sure to have as I continue to recover. He should be helpful.

Kim will be home soon to get me to today’s appointment. The adventure continues – thanks for stopping by…;~))